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Welcome to our website of Call V247, the Official V247 Seller!

We are the only place you can fund your V247 account instantly so you can call to your loved ones in Vietnam right away.

Our system is instant—only after 6-8 seconds will your account have the fund to make calls to Vietnam immediately. If you have waited for over 5 minutes but no credits were funded, please contact Call V247 right away to receive fast help. We always wish to serve our customers in the best way possible.

How to Fund

  • Step 1: Choose your credits amount in the Quick Funding box.
  • Step 2: Enter the phone number you want to fund. Attention: You need to enter your own US phone number, not a Vietnamese number or a local access number.
    • For example: 7244728247 (10 digits without space).
  • Step 3: Click Fund button to go to the payment page where you can pay with Credit/Debit Card via PayPal securely or using a PayPal account.
    • Note: To user Credit/Debit Card, please select “Pay with a debit or credit card” or “Don’t have a PayPal account?” on the PayPal page.

How to Call with V247

  • Step 1: Call a Local Access Number (click here to view the list) or a Toll Free Number.
  • Step 2: The system will say your current credits amount in your account.
  • Step 3: The system will ask you to enter the phone number that you want to call.
  • Step 4: Enter the phone number that you want to call. Follow this formula:
    • [Country Code] + [Area Code] + [Phone Number] + [Press #]
  • Step 5: The system will say your maximum amount of minutes you can call and the call will connect.
Example 1: Calling a Land-Line Number

To call a land-line number in Dong Nai Province, (84) 61-350-7700, press:

[Access Number] 84 61 350 7700 # and the call will connect.

84 is Vietnam’s country code and 61 is Dong Nai Province’s area code.

Example 2: Calling a Mobile Number

To call a mobile number such as 0937347410 ignore the first digit 0. Enter:

[Access Number] 84 937347410 # and the call will connect.

Example 3: Calling from Vietnam to USA/Canada

To call to a number in California (714)-472-8427, press:

[Access Number] 1 714 472 8427 # and the call will connect.

1 is USA’s country code, 714 is the area code.


  • Don’t press TALK or SEND after entering the destination number.
  • Don’t press 001 even for international calls.
  • Call V247 can’t be responsible for extra fees caused by your phone company if you don’t follow instructions.