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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fund my account?

Please go to How to Fund for detailed instructions:

How do I call to Vietnam?

Please go to How to Call for detailed instructions:

What if I entered a wrong phone number?

– Please contact Call V247 for assistance at

– For a quicker way, email our Customer Service at with Receipt from PayPal or Call V247 for quick correction.

What is my Local Access Number?

Please go to one of the following pages for your Local Access Number:

– US:

– Canada:

– Vietnam:

How do I get my call report for family immigration petition?

Please call V247’s Customer Service at 1-888-880-8247 to request such report.

How do I call to other countries such as France and Australia?

Please call V247’s Customer Service at 1-888-880-8247 to request registering your destination country. Vietnam is currently the only default destination country, which you don’t have to register, in order to protect your account from unwanted accidental international calls that may waste your money unnecessarily.

What is the difference between Local Access Number and Tollfree Access Number?

Local Access Number is a local number that V247 has established and subsidized so you can call to Vietnam without incurring long-distance fee. On the other hand, the Tollfree Access Number was bought by V247 with a high cost and although not recommended, we still offer the same service if you want to call through this, but with an additional fee of 2 cents per minute.

When can I call after funding my account?

Immediately. Normally it takes only 5-10 seconds after funding your account for you to call to Vietnam right away. The online funding service from Call V247 is the fastest and most convenient for our customers. If after a minute and you still can’t make calls, please contact us for assistance.

Why can’t I use the service after I fund my account?

In this case, please first to check any typo or error when you funded the account. You can read the confirmation email sent by Call V247 after each successful transaction. After that for resolution, please contact Call V247 for assistance.

Will my account expire or lose money when I don’t make calls for a long time?

Absolutely not. Your account and money will be kept intact in V247’s system. You can use the service again anytime.

Can I add or change phone number in my account?

Yes, please call V247’s Customer Service at 1-888-880-8247 to get helping adding a phone number to your account.

Why does the system sometimes ask for a PIN?

Many times you face a PIN request because you are using a wrong phone number to call or you entered a wrong phone number when funding. Please make sure you use the correct phone number to use V247. Sometimes, your phone company cannot send your phone number to our system or you have locked this phone number. Please call V247’s Customer Service at 1-888-880-8247 for assistance.

Why must I not press TALK/SEND/OK when I call on a cellphone?

If you press TALK/SEND/OK after entering the destination number, you may inadvertantly place V247 on hold and get your phone company to make it an international call and bill you, which causes you to waste money unnecessarily.

Why do I incur an additional 2 cents per minute to use a Tollfree Access Number?

The cost to call to Vietnam will increase by 2 cents per minute if you call through a Tollfree Access Number. For example, if you call to Saigon/Hanoi through a Local Access Number, the rate is 8.9 cents/minute, but when through a Tollfree Access Number, the rate will be 8.9 + 2 = 10.9 cents/minute. Therefore, you should use a Local Access Number for a cheaper rate. In contrast, a Tollfree Access Number’s advantage is to avoid connection bottleneck on high-traffic occasations such as the Lunar New Year (due to too many customers calling to Vietnam at the same time, causing overload on the network.)

Does calling with V247 have any other fees?

V247 does not charge any other fees, but the published rates (8.9 cents/minutes to Saigon/Hanoi, 10.9 cents/minute to Provinces and Cellphones, and +2 cents/minute through a Tollfree Access Number). However, your phone company may charge long distance fee if you don’t dial your Local Access Number. Therefore, to have the most minutes to call, you should dial your Local Access Number.